Trans-Atlantic Maglev Tube

Tom: Today I’m speaking to Dr Tore Jensen. He’s a civil engineer and his company is working on big and bold ideas such as planning a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean. So, Tore, tell me about this tunnel, or tube, under the Atlantic (fig.18.6). Are you building it now?

Dr J: No, no, we’re not building it now. That’s a long time in the future but no challenges could stop engineers from dreaming up. Right now, we’re thinking about it and planning it. Another company is designing the small-scale model of a Transatlantic Tunnel to connect New York with London.

Tom: So, when will they build it?

Dr J: I think, they’ll start in 2080 and complete it in 2100.

Tom: That’s a long time in the future.

Dr J: Yes, it is.

Tom: So, where will the tunnel be? How long will it be? How deep?

Figure 18.6Trans-Atlantic Maglev Tube does not exist in the world today

Dr J: The tube will be below the Atlantic Ocean. It’ll connect the USA with Britain. It’ll be about 5000 km long and about 100 metres deep, in the ocean.

Tom: Will the tube move around in the water?

Dr J: No, it won’t move. One hundred thousand cables will attach it to the sea floor.

Tom: Will the train use electricity?

Dr J: No, it won’t. It’ll use magnetism. The tube will be a vacuum. Maglev trains will be able to travel through the tube at 8000 km/h.